Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Christmas Holiday!!!

The Day after Christmas we went up to Jeff and Lisa's Cabin!! We love the Snow.
All the kids had so much fun with each other!
Nono, Kate & Grandma!
Christmas Dinner at Anth's Parents house with his brothers family and Jeff and Lisa's family!
This is the best gift ever for Anth's Dad! I got him a old classic "HAT" and he just loved it.. He kept kissing me!!!
Kids table at Anth's parents house!

Anth's parents house opening gifts with Anth's brothers kids! We gave "Nono a Battleship game" and "Isabella's gift was this tutu and hair bow that I made for her" She is so flipping Cute in it..
Christmas Morning opening gifts!!
At Anth's Croatian Church Christmas Party!

At my friends Annette's house Katie just loved Annette's little girl!!
Nono's Birthday Party!!
tata and Katie at Mommy's Church Party!!
Our Christmas Card 2008!
We had such a great time over Christmas Holiday!! We wanted to add all the photo's that were taken around Christmas and all the fun party's we went to.. Some of the photo's were taken at my Church Christmas party and some at Anth's Church party.. We were at Anth's parent's house for Christmas day, And the day after Christmas we went with our friend's (Jeff & Lisa) up to there Cabin (Tahoe Donner).. The Tree's were all white and it was "SNOWING" the night we drove up.. I loved it.. It was such a MERRY CHRISTMAS for sure!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Katie & Santa!!!
We just had to take Photo's of Kate in all the cute Holiday outfits!!! We also wanted to make sure we say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. We hope that this Holiday Season will find you all "Happy Healthy and Well".. We are looking forward to seeing all of your Christmas cards this year.
We just had to take pic's of her in the cute Christmas outfit's that her Baba gave to us...

She's like stop taking photo's of me Mommy and Tata!

Her little outfit was so cute!! With her Tata!

Our friends Linda and Steve had us over for dinner with the kids!!! They just loved little Katie!!
Our Christmas Doll!!!
I just had to put this picture of my sister "Pam" and I up.. The first one is of us holding "Katie" this last "Thanksgiving" and the 2nd one is of us Holding our little sister Annette when I was 8 and Pam was 10!! I just thought it look so cute!!