Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Trip to the Cabin and Thanksgiving!!

My Poor Husband had to drive down from the snow with no window "it broke while up at the snow" and so we drive back with some of our friends but tata had to drive the car home!! It's a long story!! Lol

The guys coming back from a walk in the Snow storm!! Lol
Little Stevie and Nic's Birthday!

Good Friends, Good Food and Good Times!

It was such a fun time up at the cabin!

Anth and I could sit and watch a movie because all of the girls were taking good care of Kate down stairs for us!

Right after Sledding!

They were having so much fun Sledding!

Nic is so good with Kate!

Kate's first time down with tata!! Ha!!

She loved it!
She was saying "Mommy Look at me"

The Girls haivng a little play time before dinner!
This was right in the morning the next day we got there and kate was loving the girls pulling her around in the sled!

Annette with all the kids!!

Linda, Annette and Me
Me, Kate and Adriana

Kate playing in the snow!
All the kids

Mato and Adriana at the cabin!
Mike and Josipa
Isabella, Kate and Anthony

Dancing after dinner!! Antino and Kate

The Boys just hanging after alot of turkey!

The Matusich Girls!!

Playing after dinner with Isabella!

Kate, Toni, Mike and Me!!

Just getting all the food right for dinner!
Having fun!!

Our Thanksgiving Table!!
Anth and I had so much fun getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner this year!! Don't know about anyone else but we thought the food was amazing!! It was nice being with family this year, but I have to say that I did miss my family this year and wished that my mom or Dad could have been here!! Maybe next year!!
The Cabin was so much fun!!!! We had such an amazing time with all the friends and Kate just didn't stop running around!! We were so happy after five year of our friends asking us to come up there to their cabin that we could make it this year!!! :)

Five Year anniversary and Big Sur 1/2 Marathon 2010

I was so happy when I saw him come acrossed the finish line!! Not bad for only running maybe four times in a month!! :)

He got to the finish line faster then I thought he would!!

Mimi and Ivan Who set the whole thing up for the 2nd time to raise money for little Stephen fund!!

Hanging out at the finish line with Pete, Marie and there Parents!

All of Team ROAR and the supporters!!

Little Stephen's Mom!

Zelda's on the Beach in Capitola, California

Sitting right where we met almost 8yrs ago!

Ivan and Anth at the pizza place an hour after they just ran the Big Sur 1/2
Diana, Me, Nancy and Marie after the 1/2 marathon "Diana Ran Not us" Lol!!

This was so much fun to be able to have our five year anniversary in Monterey and also support team Roar as Anth and all of them ran the big Sur 1/2 marathon!! We hope to do it next year!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Anth and Our little Minnie Mouse!
After Church on Halloween!

With Will at our Church Halloween Party!

She loved it!

They totally love being with each other!
Mommy and Kate!

Rach and Kate "Jills little girl" at Church party!

We had so much fun watching Kate really get into Halloween this year! She loved it!