Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our little sweetheart!!!

Had to put the "Bling" on her for the photo!!
She just love's her new toy!!
Katie's new car!!!
Getting ready to go to Santa Cruz!!
After Church!!!
Santa Cruz "75 out side in the middle of Jan" Crazy!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our New Year's Party!!!

New Year's Party!!
Our new Year's Baby!

Nic, Mateo and Nono!
Anth & I were dancing with Katie it was so sweet! Nono was holding katie!!
Tete Annette & Katie! we had to put cotton in her ears because it started to get a little load!!!
Mateo, Mato and Katie
Isabella, Katie and Tiff
Tiff, Annette, Katie and Tete Josipa!
Tiff, Kate, Anth & Mike!
Anth's Brother "Mike's" family: Mike, Josipa, Antonio & Isabella.."Sleepy girl"
Anth, Evanna, Katie and Tea!
We had so much fun at the Croatian New Years Party! It was at the Del Monte Building in Down town Sunnyvale.. It was such a good time! Our little one (Katie) was a sleep until about 11pm then she danced with her Tata and Mommy for awhile and was good until 12am and then she started to cry and it was time to start off for home.. We hope you all had fun where ever you all were! HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU ALL!!!