Monday, November 9, 2009

Croatian Festival

Dressed up at the Croatian Church!!

Anth's dad just loves little Kate!!
Anth, Baba "Grandma" and Katie
Baba, Kate and No-no all dressed up!

We just had to dress Katie up for the "Croatian Festival" and this dress was given to Kate by members of Anth's family in Croatia so we wanted to take lots of photo's so they could see how cute she was in the dress. Thanks so much for the really cute dress to all of you!!

More photo's of Kate!!

She really loved this car at the party!!

Kate and me at a mommy play date!

Annabell and Katie at her birthday party!!
Anth loved that she loved it!!

She loved it!!!

The little zoo that they had at the birthday party!! Kids just loved it!

What a smile!!!

Kate and tete Mimi at the party!

This was her little friend getting her birthday cake!!

Baba "Grandma" and Katie at her little friends 1st birthday party!

Katie having fun at my church!!

This photo's was taken at Anth's Church and we put Katie and Bella in the same outfit!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

We went to my mommy group Halloween Party for kids and they took this photo! It was such a fun party.. Kate loved it..

Lol! She looks so mad!!
Loving it!!

Anth's Dad just love's Kate!!
All I'm going to say is that this was so funny!! lol..
They were so cute!!

No-no, Bella & Katie

She just loved dancing with her grandma "baba"
Our friends down the street came over with her little lady bug!! So cute!


At the Church "Trunk/Treat"

Me, Jill and the Kids

I'm Just going to say "Halloween Was so much fun this year" We loved it!!

Pumpkin Patch!!!!!!!

It was fun picking out our Pumpkin!!

They are so cute with Kate!!

that was the one she picked!

This witch was so scary!! I didn't like her!! lol
Kate loved holding this pumpkin!

We had so much fun at the pumpkin patch "Half Moon Bay" at the beginning of the month with No-no and Bella! Can't wait until next year.