Friday, February 27, 2009

Katie's Christening Day!

This is her by the end of the day!! She was pooped...

She was meeting with her cousins for the first time...

Anth's family members at the luncheon!
The Goodie table after lunch!! Isabella and Katie-Sue!!

Banana Cake from "Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos" one of my favorite places!! It was soooo good....
Kate's Thank you Favors "Jelly Bellys" - They were a great hit with the kids. They just loved them!!

We changed outfits for the luncheon and I made cupcakes to match!
Kate's Godmother and Godfather

We started out Kate's christening day by putting her in her dress / this dress is a family heirloom from her "Auntie Lisa" / Godmother. At the luncheon we had about 95 people there so we rented out the whole restaurant for most the day!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Party!!

Our appetizer table the morning after!!
The Fondue Table!!
The Favor's that we gave out to each couple!!

Anth and Tiff
It was such a fun time!!

Friends from Church!

My friend and I hosted a Valentine's Couple Party!! We had such a fun time that night!! We thought it would be better for us all to have a couple party instead of fighting the crazy crowd's at all the restaurants!! So we had a "Fondue Party" and everyone came with an appetizer to share!! Totally love to do it again next year!!