Monday, May 18, 2009

We will miss Little Stephen!!

Little Stephen Dorcich passed away on May 16th 2009

Today we are writing about the death of our family friends little boy "Stephen" He was so sweet and so high spirited. He will be missed and our thoughts and prayers are with his Mommy, Tata and the rest of his loving family! We wanted to post what his god-father put on his web-page on Sunday! READ BELOW:
yesterday. I’m not even sure what kind of a day it was. Stephen turned 2 ½ years old, he’d been in the hospital 100 days. Not far, there were many people celebrating. New marriage, new birth, I even got to see a young boy being wheeled out of the PICU, probably celebrating his recovery from some illness. Little Stephen was having the battle of his life and there was nothing anyone could do for him anymore. His heart, among other things had grown too weak to fight anymore. Just about everyone was able to say goodbye. Just before 6pm, Little Stephen passed away peacefully in Mama and Tata’s arms.Dear Stjepan, my kum, my nephew, my little grizzly bear, nobody could ever explain in words how much you are loved. I knew then and now know you could hear us all tell you and share with you everything we had and have to give. So what happened you ask? It was an AMAZING day, special for you and us in many ways. Mama got to hold you and cuddle with you. Tata got to pick you up, hold you and squeeze you. I drove to Nona’s house and picked up your baby brother Kelez with the help of my 1st kum, your cousin Bozo and brought him to your bedside. Yes, pretty cool you finally got to hang out with your little Brother. You received your 1st Holy Communion just like your cousin Luka did a couple weeks ago. I think I even had a glimps of Heavens Doors open for you. So special, because you get to play in Heaven with your cousin Lucas, until we see you again. Though it’s not our time, we know we get to be with you again some day. So now I know…I have a grizzly bear in Heaven. I love you, I miss you, your kum, the big grizzly bear, ROAR!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Katie just got her 9 month old photo's so we just had to put them up for all to see.. She is such a happy little girl.. "Boy we are really having fun with this little one!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Easter Day 2009!

This is the Easter dress that she wore to Church!
Her Easter outfit after church!

We did Easter dinner at Anth's Brother's house and it was so nice! "we has alot of fun"
Anth's Easter Bread and my Easter Cookie's! we had so much fun making it for our family and friends!
She Love's her dundo Mike and Bella!
At home at the end of the night just wanted to sit in her chair before going to bed!

Our Month of April

I love meeting my tata at the door with my sunglasses on!
Taking my bath!
helping my tata cut the grass!
I had so much fun playing with my Tata!

Our little princess!
Playing in my room!
Blue eyes!
I'm a big girl now standing up in my crib!
Wearing my bunny shirt that auntie Lisa "My God-mother" gave to me for Easter!!!

We had so much going on in April that we didn't have time to add our photo's until now. We had so much fun with Kate this month just watching her learn more and more, she's trying so very hard to do things on her own "What a big girl" she's in to everything too!! :)