Friday, September 19, 2008

New photo's of Our little Katie-Sue!

Our little Katie-Sue!

Photo's that our friend Jeff took of us with Katie!

Anth's brothers little boy Antonio Just loves Kate! "he's like no, no please let me feed her! So cute!

This is our close friends kids with Katie at their house in Tahoe! They are so sweet with her they call her "Baby Kate"

She just got up from a nap and gave me that look.. I love it..

There's that smile I was talking about!

Right after Church all cute in her dress!

What a joy she's been in our life so far! She just started to smile back at us and she really looks at the books that her "Tata" dad reads to her in the mornings!
As for now here's some really cute photo's of our little one that is growing day by day..