Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SF Weekend!

Last weekend was so much fun with our close friends and their girls! We stayed up at their house in SF and it was "Gabriella's" Birthday so we were able to be there for that!! We had so much fun with them.. ..I love the photo's of Auntie Lisa holding Katie.. Lisa is going to be "Kate's God Mother"..
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and have a great weekend!!

Uncle Jeff Holding Katie!

Uncle Hoot reading to all the girls!

Katie and Auntie Lisa!
Our little cutie in the outfit that our friend got for us!
It's from the "Diaz" Brother's!!

All the girls teaching the "ABC's" to our little Katie!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Katie and Her Tata!! He is so in love with this child!
We had so much fun this day on the beach! Anth really wanted to take his two girls to the beach, and out to dinner there in half moon bay.. It was amazing watching the sun go down for the first time with Katie! She loved the sounds and just being there with her mommy and tata.. And I have to say that "Half moon bay" has a great down town area for shopping and eating.. What fun it was to be there as a family..

Saturday, November 8, 2008


"Dundo" Pete & Mike
Pete, Katie, Mike & Anth

Katie and her "Baba" GrandmaKatie and her Grandparents!! They love her and she loves them!

Dedo "Grandpa" and Katie!
Our little "pink bear"
Walking with her daddy!

We had so much fun at the "Surprise Party for Bozo"... Katie and I had to leave and go home early because we weren't feeling well but we had fun anyways... Some of the other photo's are of Kate and her "Tata" Daddy..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Three Year Anniversary!!

Our wedding Day!!!

We had a party with in our party..
We really did have so much fun!!!
My Husband looked so good on this day!
Our wedding flowers!! I loved the colors!
I can't believe that Anth and I have been married for three years now!! Time flies when your having fun I guess! Our wedding day was one of the most amazing days of our life's. To this day if you ask Anth what is the most fun you have had in one day he'll tell you it was our wedding day.. I just love that!! Even with the money that we spent on the wedding we could have remodeled the kitchen and the out side of our House.. But that's OK because we really did have the most amazing time ever... I do have to say to my husband "I love you sweetheart" and thank you so so much for letting me have the wedding of my dreams! You and Katie are everything to me.. I love you both so very much.. Happy Anniversary.. Tiff